Going Up?

by LD50

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released June 4, 2012

Production Credits - i.imgur.com/kxCcY.jpg
Cover Art ©Gregory Siegburg - baro.deviantart.com




LD50 Richmond, Virginia

24 year old rapper repping 703 & 804

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Track Name: The Intro
i jacked off just a minute ago
so lemme talk while my heads more clear
ive said more shiit in the lab in the last few tracks
than i have in the past four years

i realized way back that this world was cold
i think i musta been 14 years old
knew that it would never be the same
withdrew and i started playin video games -1

every single session was a fantasy to ward away depression
escapin felt so great that it became a real obsession
i didn't need the popularity or approval
and didn't give a fuck about impressions

soon enough the buzz'd fade, never gettin laid
never gonna get re-spect for my name----
either coast on a river of shit until the grave
or i swim upstream and complain

i see the need to try something
and so i buy something i put it in a bowl and i fry something
and that was it. somethin really clicked.
had me all "man, _i bet i can get in with this"

and so i did. started makin friends
learned what it took to be cool and i learned to pretend
flip a couple zips make bucks
plus a few new names in my phone at the end

couple years roll by, im 18
any faith in a faith is fading
cuz it hurts so bad when i wake that
i hate every fate that i'm contemplating

handicaps teach a man a thing or two
one, you're not special you are evrybody else
two. theres people who are worse off than you
there are people out there who would die for your health and do

and so i moved to college with a picc line
found a beautiful chick.. and made the chick mine
waited six months, he was a good friend
but i believe thats a tale for a new time

lets get back to my world and my fantasy it crumbled to insanity
as soon as she no longer saw a man in me
i can't believe i took my girl for granted she's
exactly what i stand around and wish the world had handed me

im still arthritic but i've got hip hop now
a new Mrs. to kiss while the time pass
she's not as warm but she's there fORME
when it's stormy, no she wouldn't leave unless i ask

and i would never cuz i've got nobody better
nobody that she could ever be replaced by in my mind
that line's heavy cuz i said it once already
but fuck it i can't waste more time on the rewind
Track Name: Mischief Maker
lines on the desk
crush with the credit while i browse reddit
everybody needs a rush, this is how i getit

i let it enter, fuse with my center
use for a muse or a mentor a music inventor
the sender of splendor/renders a temper dismembered and tender

never a bender, never surrender
love one crutch too much i suspend her
just for a while ill put what i observe on file
and return in a while to a pile wit a smile

float down the aisles,
browse all the styles and the options-some seem mild:
some put my friends in their coffinsmj
hell it depends on the toxins, strong as an oxen
start to approach a-la-carte with precaution
none but a few ever choose a departure concoction.

that said marijuana's always good
fin' an honest dealer in a local neighborhood
only trouble then is the cops and the men at the top
who pretend they are friends of the pop.

when will it end tell me when will it stop
it depends on dissent on the scoop on the swap of the knowledge
please do acknowledge the sign that i find like minds in the college

Everybody gets high sometimes
good people lie sometimes
Try some time to relax, listen to my tracks
snacks for your mind bring you back

crack when i rhyme and i hope you get hooked
hope when i get shows booked, you show UP---
we could hang and discuss real shit
like what i'm gonna do when i do blow up

come and kick it. the j i'll lick it, you're brain ill pick it
the stickys wicked, that's the ticket.
grab it quick 'n' grab a bic 'n' flick it
n shoot the shit or i can spit the sickest,
or we can sit n listen to the crickets--

i couldn't care less, i confess
i could probly use a little rest
times in the silence with friends i contest
you will find are the best for a mind in distress

dimes i invest reminisce on the days with my real friends
all the warm summer nights and the weekends
we'd-spend in the woods, in-small neighborhoods
with the crew of a few who we all understood

never knowin it would end so soon
and here i am couple girls in my room.
lucy molly mary, when life gets scary
they carry away and consume the doubt/tune it out
bloom new views that i write these tunes about

--groove out while i smooth out life by the lines
pluck it while it's ripe from the vine
write what i rhyme every day in a fine tuned way
to define my objective per se

some fell short of their dreams in this lifetime
im just tryin share a taste, let them bite mine

Everybody gets high sometimes
good people lie sometimes
Try some time to relax, listen to my tracks
snacks for your mind bring you back

crack when i rhyme and i hope you get hooked
hope when i get shows booked, you show UP---
we could hang and discuss real shit
like what i'm gonna do when i do blow up

Everybody gets high sometimes
EVEN good people GOTTA lie sometimes
so you Try some time to relax, listen to my tracks
snacks for your mind bring you back

crack when i rhyme and i hope you get hooked
hope when i get shows booked, you show UP---
we could hang and discuss real shit
like what i'm gonna do when i do blow up
Track Name: Wax Nightmare
woke up, oh fuck. just another day no luck.
lookin in the mirror nothin gettin clearer dunno how to say "grow up"

born to hate the 9-5, torn awake the fuckin time arrived when the hip-hop slipped into fill the gap of the last love now im trapped and im wrapped up in the scene

and the rap public is mean.
gotta bunch of carbon copy spitters
with a mill or better and a full team
i dont need that. i read that the real recognize real.
imma rap for the rattpacks it's never been about a record size deal

do you feel me yet? really hopin' that you can at this point
got my cannabis joint in my hand at this point.
feelin' manic disjointed and panicky.
life is insanity. look what this bitch straight up handed me

knowin' from the birth of me that to the hearse of me
my words'll certainly disperse the worst of me
and i been cursin' these uncertainties that happened upon my lap

rappin to calm my ego. to our dreams is where we go
it's obscene you know that we flow with the best of em
blessed with em. reaping all the real raps from deep the chest of em
confessin "um i got a little something special to best the rest of em"

yes n im--
stressed 'cuz i been carrying this weight my whole life-had it
repressed for awhile, nest in the isle next to a dream wife-that bitch
probably aint exist.. but if she does here's a reminder
fame's the only way you'd ever find her.
Track Name: Big Spender
gold digger dont you figure for a second im a tool.
i can spot dishonest bitches like i studied em in school
and i'm known to keep it cool even if she's somethin' hot; even if she push her titties up and pretties up my spot

giddy up you drop it throw some fifties up and pop it
couple bottles n models in my city i wouldnt stop it
imma gritty get the money type, but it's a pity honeys hype bills over skills when some dummies write

rum up in my tummy slurring speech n spittin' funny
but don't preach im never reachin' for them peaches with my money
i know better, i also know my flow can get them wetter
than me opening my wallet for that cheddar


lemme get it straight, gimme just a minute wait
you lay the dude with cash, a dude with class
and use the fact as an excuse to assume that
he passed some down to your ass when he smashed?

has it occurred i dont care who you fucked?
after ya words i dont care who ya sucked!
you been paired with a nice pair there but enough is enough
yer embarrassing as fuck.


sorry i would order you a round if i ever found
any common ground
but from the sound of your game i can tell you're a dame
that i dont need hangin around

came with the same pretense as the last two wenches that
passed two cents too fast earn a past tense
ask me to last in a way way too bombastic too dense

superficial bitches dono shit about my business
thinkin rich is strictly monetary stitches
they monitor initials on their clothes
like some yuppie fuckin hoes
try to hide it or refine it but it shows

Track Name: Broke
do you remember when you promised that you'd never leave me
i said "dont say that less you mean it" you said please believe me
and so i did you know i really fucking did although it seems im just another
stupid kid at least that's how you see me

do i ever cross your mind? you aint gotta lie
it's probably better that i know the answer's never
cuz my soul would stand forever in the rain at your door
that you'd kiss away (the) pain once more

money and the skills and the smarts
couldn't matter in a matter of the heart
im battered and im torn and im tattered and the porn
makes me sadder knowin somebody is fucking you like that

what else

i lost my father in a bottle i may never get him back
and now im feelin trapped in my own
trapped and alone but the pills help me fill so at home
so i spill what i got and i take em

not for the fakin, i've written only real
and im spitten for the listeners who feel
like they sufferin in solitude
buffer from the pain, yo i got it dude
spot the truth find somebody else who needs a talkin to

maybe they could pay it forward
and help a brother out, that's all this fuckin life should be about
there's somethin so surreal about this music
got me feelin like the real fuckin deal when i use it

so many promises, time had to break em
i'm fine when i lie, i'm good when i lie. i take em
swallowin my pride with a tablespoon
hope that i get famous soon, got to get me famous soon


fame is an excuse to overdose riiiiiight?
but it can go wrong and leave me comatose, aiiight
on second thought, maybe that'd be perfect
maybe i could finely live the dream steada hurtin

maybe i could make a little world in my head
where my love isn't dead; everybody's got enough bread
and hate's in the page of the history books
every child in the worlds well read

you know i would have fought the world just to keep you
but to you i wasn't worth the fuckin effort
and that can change a man, i hope you know that i dont hate
you but i miss you and i wish for you to understand

that i could only want the best for you and all your fam
i know your pops'd lost respect for me but he's the man
and i looked up to him it hurt for me to lose that twice
upon the top of what we had so nice but

oh well, life goes on
fight good fights till the light grow stronger
you might just might find the right one down the road

so im gonna float, float until another beauty pulls me in her boat
and pray that i can stay away from turncoats
concern most that my words help me learn hope
and through rap return most

while i burn those one way bridges.
burn those one way bridges--
while i burn those one way bridges to the motherfucking ground
Track Name: Against What
My Food is stale, water tastes like metal
Rose in the Vase drops one last petal as i
toss and i turn in my sheets, I sweat while i sleep
in my dream there's a beast there's a devil
and did i mention apprehension?
apathy and cynicism in me are the source of all this tension
they dont deserve my attention, but i can't quit em
i try to outrun em with every rhyme every rhythm i climb and spittem

lookin for a sign withem
and try to align with em and re-bind my mind schism
and rewind and redesign rhymes to shine withem
repairin dissonance in front of invisible listeners

i feed the brain an instrumental to relieve the pain,
mental stains from a sorta morbid form a meditation
orbiting the earth like a station with my soul as
a witness to the human situation growing cold

and everybody wants to see the top
either be the boss or see the leader to his drop
few and far between are in pursuit of something
true that you could use to help the planet and its crew

My Food is stale, water tastes like metal
Rose in the Vase drops one last petal as i
toss and i turn in my sheets, I sweat while i sleep
in my dream there's a beast there's a devil-
And he never settles, never releases me never ceases the
assault on sanity, on my plan to be livin peacefully
and recently he's screamin "JUST QUIT IT YOULL NEVER GIT IT YO
You'll NEVER be famous you will never be livin painless so the game is over
just like the dame who gave you the famous shoulder colder than ice,

ya soul steady rollin over with nowhere to go"
I shout back you dont know SHIT though.
if you think im just a kid with a sick flow...
cuz im FIXin to spit till i R.I.P. yo...

and make this bitch a bit less of a shit show
but thats enough about life, time to live it
this fight imma give it my all, lets ball.

i turned the devil to the girl who dissed me
and then i fucked her in the ass before i went and battled brock and misty
and then i woke as LD50

My Food is fried, water tastes like life
only flower here is some weed for my pipe
what i have and what i need'll be the same soon
and everybody's gonna know my fuckin name soon
Track Name: Day One
Verse 1:
so i was stopped at a cross walk truck screamed past
thinking i could take one step then SMASH!
blast off to places that i could take the mask off
face with my past and embrace what i passed off

stay fastened my feet to the damn ground
re-found it the peace from the campground--
where we used to sit with our feet in the water
growin up so carefree sheep to the slaughter--but

i wont settle. i wont back down
im never gonna give up, i'll find that sound
something that the people really vibe to--
to seek and see inside you and peep the truth (they're sick of being lied to)

fuck you. i don' need a institution
neither condescension when you speak of absolution
think you know this life better than i do?
just try to, you would lose your mind too scream and wanna die too

Verse 2:
i can't oppose violence with the prose
sometimes i wanna take a violin bow
shove it down the throat of a triflin' foe
play notes on his voc's till last breath goes

coaxing a hoax to the surface
rap with no purpose, the prevalence of which makes me nervous
some need to flex and bust techs direct
into necks of suspects reckless and the worthless

next the effect of the glamor and the glitz on these
amateur shits who still stammer when they spit
hammering the verse when the grammar doesn't fit
i be sculpting with precision with a vision and some wit

it's a given that the heads rejoice about my voice
but ill prove to rest that i'm choice
besting the noise that they blast through the radio
ask if i think im gonna make it and im past saying maybe yo

Verse 3:
i hate to be deceived,
i hate to see the people victimized by others greed
and be commanded what to think and how to live and breathe
like you consume or say a certain thing and lose reprieve
know what i mean huh?

i see em grow up, and gobble down the parent's throw-up
'cuz if they question or reject it then the belt will show up
and sure 'nough-- the hate will pass down from ass clowns
a rap sounds the perfect way for me to make it slow up. yup.

its up to YOU to raise your son to be a bigga man
and show that words accomplish more than any trigga can
you must explain to them the gravity of language and
emotions they invoke like all the shame that saying "nigga" can

know how to press the necessity to progress as an entity
representing a part of the fucking mess, you see.
too many souls [have] fallen victim to the numbers,
and obscurity encumbers people past the point of remedy
Track Name: Love Fools
you in a short dress me in a corvette
weed in the glove box we in a love lock
deep in a song so sweet-the-beat's-on-repeat
til the end of our lives

and we can drive to the ends of the world
you be my girl,
i fetchu diamonds and pearls or whatever you want
whenever you want im on it ill never be gone
im hooked on like phonics

honest i promise, you got it
calmly assessed no rushin abot it
toast champagne, no damn thang to complain about
or maintain that we aint about

got plans so bright no chance they could rain it out
aim high for the famous route
same range as the bankers and ceos
never even have to be cutthroat, from the fame to my shows
imma make no enemies,
everyone should wanna be a frien'o'me, gettem yellin

uh huh, i will.
young bittie. eyes so pretty (um)
eyes that could see my disguise so shitty (um)
it's a pity cuz im pretty well grounded and pretty well rounded
it's odd? that we need a facade....
Now I'm a little laid back
lemme ASk wha would happen if i relax
and i pack up the(a) fastback say hop in it
need to escape any place for a minute

we do a day trip here and a trip trip there
drip drops on the top of a mountain
countin (the) stars in the sky in reflection
rest with the target of my affection interestin directions

the mind takes, flexin a mindstate
next to a dime fate bless me this time
test me listen to my lines till you find theres
a genuine gentleman set behind every rhyme

and im better than anymen when it comes to you
(i) know you see it i should be the frickin one for you
the shit i done for you is just a start
you can have my heart just so longasyoudont tear it apart

stop lemme mention at the drop that
the last few bars were about hip hop.
that's how i feel but for real
i dont care about just about
Track Name: Older Wires
i remember high school suburbs
young weed lovers
n when the bell rang
it was time-to sell things

snackin on some funyuns
backpack packed full ah onions
bout to hit the streets for the fiends

kief piled up no leaf in my green
in the seat laid back, way back while i play tracks
loud with the bass blast way-past legal
and it shook my little two door escort--feeble

but i didn't give a fuck
my music i choose it 'n' i knew
there'd be a day i couldn't do it like i do it
i said screw it imma cruise-wit-all the windows down
spin those heads, tryin to pin those sounds

serve them heads with the headies always ready
like "i bet he got the chronic hit his cell hes always on it"
and i was, steady with the heaviest of budz
(and) i learned to hate the fuzz, just like everybody does

i miss em, i could never forget em the whole crew
rest in peace Pat Dease, and indeed Ben Lu(cas)
i'm spittin this for you, straight livin this for you
and ill never take for granted all the shit that imma do
with my music- promise you'd be proud of how i choose and how i use it
destiny's not dreamin, dont confuse it
lose it, let-go, "spit ta fucking techno?"
"prove you got the moves and a swagger you didn't choose
in a magazine, somethin new that they haven't seen's all i gotta do."

and imma do it nothin to it man i knew it from the start
and imma call it work until they tell me that it's art-so tell me that it's art
Track Name: Cynicide
decipher layers of this game writin cyphers slayin lames
tighten up im comin up toward the fame
got a couple trouble tracks on my rack bout to double up
pack kickin back at my back stackin rubble up

double down double the investment
triple the time i spit rhymes gettin fit in my prime
commit crimes in comparison, ridin down harrison
airin out the neighborhood tracks stay blarin son

halfway there n so i'm starin at the notepad
..tearin pages that i wrote until i go mad
holdfast, spitten over throwbacks
rap renaissance round two yeah you know that

imma show that i can hold that title
mainstream crap tend to lack real idols
aintseen rap worth two plays since lu-pe
back in them liquor and food days my new shades

hide the inflation i placed in the last line
but im racin and facin the people complacent
who spittin adjacent but stay defacin my favorite past-time
and erasin the greats in a shadow of whack rhymes

lets face it. raps another place thatit applies
everywhere i look im seein stupid in disguise
and every crook i shake i know another will arise
to reprise the unwise; devise new lies

realize that we got some real guys left yo
never would advise hip hop to stay cleft tho
you would be surprised the lows that could be highs
when flows collide at those shows and open eyes

Track Name: Dream Bit
shorty with the honey mocha skin
funny how i woke agin
thinkin bout you in the end of my dreams

and it would seem that it's too much
for me-when we do touch, the brainwaves rush
and it splits at the seams

and so we break up every time i wake up
wait till the next night, fade then we make up.
date till it's just right, move for the kiss--
snap back to reality. aint that a bitch!

cuz this
the real world aint fit for the likes of us
you've been bit now twice so you fight the trust
you might adjust to like what my mic discuss
but i dont write to incite a fuss

and in reality we got another side of the equation,
cuz you are you, insteada my interpretation,
and you will do whatever you do, that voodoo so well
OH hell you know i love how you smell

love how you smoke with your cute little coughs
love how you joke with jocks and tell em off
and we're both a little rough around the edges-
maybe we could rub together till we both go soft


shorty with the honey mocha skin
funny how i woke agin
thinkin bout you in the end of my dreams

and it would seem that it's too much
for me when we do touch, the brainwaves rush
and it splits at the seams
so what, you probly wanna keep it simple

n i jus wanna kiss a little bit between your dimples
ya body is your temple -put me on my knees and ill convinceya
thatcha faith is somethin i been gettin inta

holdup, more than once in a while i go an extra mile just for a smile
the ladies should be linin single file, diamond in a pile a coal
with style and soul
im down to pack a bowl when you aint tryinna roll

imma hold ground, lemme think i hold down anythin
seventh grade homie had a belt to hold the semi in
and i got plenty a clever to keep you entertained
smart girls seem to get wetter when you can enter brains
renter a plane n cross plains sippin champagne pain in the past
amassed fame aint a damn change
and you my main so you remain no matter what this aint a game
i aint the same as every lame you rounded up

fuckin chainsmokin, name jokin, plain open books
or ya vein dopin, fame gropin, game chokin crooks
surrounded by "si"-amigos, (groupies who stroke egos
in the hopes of ridin coattails to get to where we go)
Track Name: No Needs
i dont want a lot of shit i just wanna stay young
feels like the world's on the tip of my tongue
and i just wanna taste it before it's too late
cuz it ends too soon ( ends too soon )

ni dont need a lotta friends just a couple close ones
cookout, keep a lookout n have have fun
and i just wanna make it before it's too late
gOTta breakthrough soon (breakthrough soon)

and yo i know i'm not normal, but what the fuck is that
and who the hell decides or defines where it's at
you could just align with whats fine to the masses (with whats fine to the minds of the masses
or find somethin past this n try new paths or pass it and try new paths)

n i move fast no time for the hour-glass
n you could find it's a blast when the hours pass
n you could rhyme with a passion like i do
why do so many say they dream but never try to?

slow down, or roll up, but get ya dough up
and so what, if people talkin wanna make you throw up
a-holdup and keep ya head up, this life's a set up
n if it knocks you down pack it down n you can get up

im fed up with being broke; wanna get my bread up
or fetch a baretta cuz all the hatred never let up,
but you can bet im never gonna do it never ever
all i wanna do is make my world better

i dont want a lot of shit i just wanna stay young
feels like the world's on the tip of my tongue
and i just wanna taste it before it's too late
cuz it ends too soon ( ends too soon )

ni dont need a lotta friends just a couple close ones
cookout, keep a lookout n have have fun
and i just wanna make it before it's too late
gotta breakthrough soon (breakthrough soon)

i wanna see more this beautiful world we live in
'n' meet morea the beautiful girls n women
go on tour up the seaboard first and sea more purse
before i give the foreign shore a detour verse

you'll never see more thirst, i need success like the next breath
it's either impress the best or accept death
because i detest the rest of my options
yes im obsessed, i can rest in my coffin

yes i am blessed it's a matter-a-time
the limelight just had to be mine
imma beast on my grind you will find in a year
ill be eatin all ya smart phone battery time,

i'd rather recline
(and) spit it underground 'til i'd rather be signed,
then i'll git it
breakin-mold by staying committed to soul n givin all respect to the legends-
knew i'd sit among em some day round 12 years old
Track Name: Rip Sheets
rip a sheet up, the brain's getting beat up
you tuck em under tongues, yup it's fun we can meet up im the one we can heat up under sun in the two seater
be on the run till i'm done, just a paper eater.

move like a cheetah, i never been a cheater tho-
track assassin, crackin, never blastin' off a heater tho
caps in the freezer yo, visuals so vivid you could
listen to this spit within ya livin room and see the flow

and so i've seen it yo, clouds shatter [it's] redefined matter
a cataclysm catalyst it leaves your mind tattered.
you drip upon the strip, your grip slips until it's tripping
down your spine: gift-of-mind till the "shine" scatters

time splatters on the walls of reality
calls the perceptions to conception of the fallacies,
halls melt round you can fall meltdown
till you felt sound till we felt sound.


that i dont drop em just to fuck around i drop em so i learn
to be honest though it's none of your concern
neither what i burn, and i'll prove it with the paper that i earn
and the statements that i make'll take an idiot to spurn

pity close minds, so i hit em with a witty clo(the)se-line
terminate debates: indisputable.
you can't relate, you fake, you never tried if you did
you would see why the third eye's beautiful

and so unusual spittin just felt so suitable within
this new condition i've written the irrefutable
hah, in just an hour with the power of a mind
unconfined by the cubicle, boosted by pharmaceuticals
Track Name: Outro
smoke blunts back streets in a big city
shotgun to myself with a fitted cap
no need for a piece blow trees for the peace
og so smack spit a bitta rap

so high i could fly by guys on the side walk
side by side with the clouds
hide withe loud when the five-oh drive by
my oh my betta duck in the crowd

fuck im a proud young man, imma bow to the fans
scream out loud from the stands
yall don't know me yet but i know thatchu will someday
so thanks in advance

hang on a chance, dream
stand so strong life aint what it seems
aim with a beam for the top pop pop
and i kill track drops till i stand supreme. wut


cast off from a life as a cast away
my skill is to write so it has to pay
pass go and collect my flow can connect
my ends contented til i pass away

crash down better off than the blast off
that's all that i ask, gotta get it
put mind over matters climb over ladders
time toward rappin insteada reddit

cuz if my lines are crack... their lines blow!
fresh sixteen i overdose-they
sleep so hard on me they might as well be comatose

RVA can show a little bit of love
and the parties they can blow a little image up
but you'll hardly catch me get retarded
im starving, starving bitch dont slow me up
Track Name: Welcome
welcome to america. where souls stay empty
mouths get full, but the food stays tempting
now this bullshit has beckoned me to write a bit about it
so ignite a little green to catch the height of what im spouting

i can't say where we flew off the handle
maybe we were destined to be the example
maybe in conception, maybe in creation
the founding fathers overestimated the heart of the nation

so stressed and so overdressed,
what they [wrote constitut]ed an -instant- success,
but so convoluted --the passage of time
that we've grown too confused to interpret the text

but who can guess the extent of distortion?
and who can blame that my word disparages?
forget debating all the ethics of abortion
they're prosecuting women for their fucking miscarriages
only in the sense that my jaw drops
just enough to wrap my lips around a sawed off
tears on the barrel, at least i have a choice
but if i pull it, mother earth has lost another voice

so i stoically withdraw it and stow it in a closet
and i lock it, and i tell myself i haven't lost it
have to unplug the tv to see ME reflected
happiness is somewhere, tell me what direction
settle down keep your voices down
keep your message private there's authorities around
dont forget your lines while you're sticking to their script
or you'll find that they're sticking you with time as they see fit

they keep us stabled, with labels it's so ironic
the patriot act? the name itself is a crime
is everybody still hooked on phonics?
go and graduate and learn to read between the fucking lines

only then can we cease hostility
cease prosecution in the war on drugs
peace will be found when police aren't around
and patrolling the streets like uniformed thugs

i wish the crooked-cops 'ld meet a crooked end
a meat hook's proper for the pigs, i contend
google richard chrisman, computer or your phone
and read about the man he executed in his home

a guilty pig never ever gets a sentence
his god complex will never suffer from repentance
we're all suckers for the image of security
and we accept it all in spite of the obscurity

the ones becoming cops are dumber than a box of rocks
degenerates, we gave em uniforms n then we gave em glocks
so generous of all the black tax payers,
buying em batons, just to get them back later
tell me what direction, i can't see effects of the cause
a wrecked section, the sect flexed on the cross
a segment of text I emboss is the loss
of humanity from christianity being the boss

it's insanity. jesus camp is classified profanity
it's asinine the facts decline the tacit inhumanity
can't stand ta see the people killin other people over
written lore and words of fantasy

but change is scary see, look at virgin mary she's
a very good example of oppression via heresy
and all the time consumed by praying
could be used for some tangible good, that's all im saying

and if you disagree, i can understand
i can understand that you're an idiot man
i can understand that if i ask you for a hand
you'll examine my beliefs before you meet with my demands

i said idiot, it doesn't mean i hate you
it states that i hate your views and what they make you
irate at the fate, mankind's mindstate
i stay wishin that my lyrics could slate you with a breakthrough

paint you a portrait of your potential
a stencil to trace each differential
a metaphor for teaching, and what i find funny is
i wanted to teach until i learned what money is
happiness is somewhere, ill tell you what direction

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