The Ambassador

by LD50

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LD50's second mixtape.


released May 20, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



LD50 Richmond, Virginia

24 year old rapper repping 703 & 804

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Track Name: Bad Wings Remix
dont say it i can see it in your eyes man
[it']s okay don't believe me bro
feet stay planted my hands stay steady
and the seeds they planted i plan to grow

see for yourself when i blow up dude
show up noobs with the verses, flow with a purpose
strokes so smooth on the surface
soon break through this curse of the cursive

burst in the game, reversin' the game
first subversive thirst in the game
certain the mainstream herds done heard
the pursuit of the purse and/or the personal gain

nursin' the fame, [i'm] searchin the same road
i aim adverse in the lane though
do your worst, and collide headfirst
earn a hearse your hurts verse mine can't hang yo

pop morphine when i wake up, fuck it
h2o then chuck it, fuck it
bed-sheet heavy as a lead sheet
heavy head and heart have
started arguing they wonder why i fled sleep

wonder why i dread sleep, wonder why i shred beats
wonder whether i will be a legend or a deadbeat-
breaklines cut, cut my class
make time up? you can suck my ass

i proceed to produce this sonic chronic burn it kill the pain,
spawn it bleed it need it either vomit heat or feel insane
feed a beat up in his brain; cravin' it like oxygen [or]
oxy needed in his veins; fade away the thoughts in him

straight-away i strayed-a-way
made a play to trade the hated day to day charade away
fated to create a way
lace an instrumental with some mental stimulation see
pray we see cliche emcees decay each day in energy

we say we hate these monumental men or we pretend to be
betrayed by messages their media presented presently
maybe belated - but i made it hater don't tell me shit
be gone or be honest, this the bomb as promised by LD50
Track Name: Call Me
call me the spectacular vernacular Ambassador
and ill be happy call me LD50 you'll be accurate
flow is so immaculate cuz all i do is practice it
in fact a lack of action is impossible when passion hits

faster faster master it: spit that shit then master it-
i'm after it, a spot within that hall without an asterisk
apt to risk it all this duty called i didn't ask for it
natural-born assassin with a disposition pacifist

rap sophisticated, half as jaded as i used to be
you should see the ways the game will change when introduced to me
truthfully, few could even step into the booth with me;
FM radio is repping rap so fuckin stupidly

rooted instrospectively, proven it empirically
moving into lucid rapid-pupil-movement lyrically
scrupulous attention to the brutal [w]rapping like a crucial acid trip,
i'm happy if you had it hit you spiritually

hip hop getta grip on this
hot new spit not dishonest
aint got shit but a beat-drop and a deep thought
when the weed hop in the conscious

inner bliss in the tree top kissing a swisher
exist in a sea not fit for the fish but he sits there still
fist full of pills, sick of the shit that he sift(s) through gills

-pills back kill tracks still whack bills stack
will cracks wonder will i ever get that thrill back
still yack spill facts, notepads fill fast
can't stop can't slack, drill until my skills max

never happen. my destiny is rappin'
a beat assassin after leaving feets[feats] of people[-]tapping
the trees ambassador, seek to cease the massacre
LD50, wish we had a fucking flux capacitor

call me the spectacular vernacular ambassador
and ill be happy call me ld50 you'll be accurate
flow is so immaculate cuz all i do is practice it
in fact, inaction isn't happening when you are passionate

faster faster master it: spit that shit then master it-
i'm after it, a spot within that hall without an asterisk
after this has past i hope our kids look back and laugh at it
you think you know my name but you dont even know the half of it
Track Name: Cooler
the main attraction gets a tame reaction when I open
I rap insane, no lack of fame could change a fact i've spoken;
broken sound barriers; fly like harriers
drop napalm, A-bombs on your areas

epidemic carrier -the more the merrier
my only mission is to spit to transmit hysteria;
bury a flash-mob emcee
come[cum] for the cash get creamed by me; leave empty

mix-in-to master: i planned it
chicks in the past swing back and askin' for a hand
perhaps another chance—act candid—
payback when I lay back; leave em way back; leave em stranded

it's what you get for crossin' me; trust in reciprocity
I dont keep a grudge I keep a count of what you costed me;
also keep a promise regardless of whom to.
When I make them in the mirror, fuck you think i'm gonna do?
Track Name: Danke
[hook x 2]
one thing that i learned in life:
never get more than i earn in life
better yet never bet time or money
that i be[e] more happy when i find more honey

class is out of session: not a lesson learned in retrospect
notes are full of sketches of the dresses in the row ahead
hoping that they notice me, revving up the rotary
heading home and settin' flow in motion goin' over beats

and you could be the one beside me honey if you aint bout money
if you find me funny which is..likely. i can bet you'd like me
if you let me on sight, i can getchu hyphy like

lightin' mics on fire: spittin' kerosene
writin' nice, roots are reaching to prepare a team
i even thrive in icy climates like an evergreen
cuz Under wood there's somethin' good like fuckin Sara Jean

i'm not complete until i reach a seat atop the tippy
i see the reasons LD50 should be hot as drizzy
i be that 'witty motherfucker' from a different city
the dirty Richy where i chill until i bring her with me

try and top it,
i bet you when it drops you cop it
take a couple notes, jot a couple of my topics
while they impersonate or haters fake and try to knock it
ill be tropics watching hot exotic bodies rock it

pockets grown up, like a socket, blown up
overloaded with the offers till the profits shown up
for the proper sure 'nuff imma sign that
got a nonprofit on the line: show me where the dotted line's at
Track Name: Exit Strategy
we can take some pills i think i will just fucking smoke
still for sure—per mil—prefer the adderall to coke
high hopes
hopinh i can hold an open eye and focus in
multiply the vision through the scope of shit i'm motioning

stoking some commotion with my notion of devotion to
promotion of emotions being interwoven into words
it's so absurd, (i'm) cursing what you heard,
circumvent the hurdles, for the fame i'm on the verge

it would be impressive, even for a second,
if you could make me second guess my purpose in the present
searching for a presence so essential universally
tune it in and turn it up is just the perfect work for me

i can go berzerk and beat or just coerce and work the beat
if we're competing haters Lookin-Lost-Like they're worst of 3.
avert your eyes and read the L's and tell with certainty
it's worth a fee to see me take a GB but i'll work for free

searchin', seizin' cheesy emcee's whole careers-
first place: racing like a hearse stays chasing me
rear view mirror: too near too often
leer too long; get lost-in,

shit is like a coffin
euthanized dreams are awful common:
on the out side sighing, inside crying vomiting
[like] a-comet-in the impact-
honest in the promise in the pact from way back between me and Thomas that

I wouldn't change a prophecy for property,
or profits, either offer me the top or see me cop it properly
see the drop and rock the beat
aint no need to pocket heat or talk defeat
you see it's not an option aint no stoppin me


see the drop and rock the beat
aint no need to pocket heat or talk defeat
you see it's not an option aint no stoppin me
Track Name: Focus
fuck i've got a lot that's on my mind..
whatchu want while im on my grind!?
bitch stop cryin'
i aint got time in a whole day-to accommodate that kind

blink one time life's over: no.
turn up sound 'till i overdose
hoping to keep those eyes wide open - so
subs in the rover go: woof

kick it like Bruce,
no tip toing when im flowin in the booth
sick' em like Cujo, psycho loose in the studio
sweet tooth: these new flows be the proof

so i'm goin' all in
knowin' ill win
all men fold to the truth in the end
i'll stand tall if i can till i then
when i fall back in with the dust in the wind

business focus: finish-close n
this diplomas just a bonus.
it's in motion it's an open season on them bitch opponents

switching scope and ditch emotions
pitch and hope they notice me
if they don't it's A-okay
i'm cheifing like the POTUS be (downlow)


i can feel fame at the finger tips-
but the game wont change the way that i maintain.
sure i want cash, sure i want status, but
that shits added it's not my aim

not like brain from a hot dame on a airplane
with cocaine it's not why-i came
brought upon the rain, seasons change
imma preach some for the trees in pain

Rap Ambassador: rap tactician
now i got glasses matching the vision
after the mission, fast and efficient with a
crack task-force cooking tracks in the kitchen

"looking back wishing" is a past inhibition bitch
ditching which is surpassing a dissonance
it's official, give the kid a whistle if you know real shots aint called with a pistol

fiscal year getting crystal clear
getting shit in gear with the embassy
agents push and we smoke that kush and we
open doors for the friends
we see
hope for the hopeless, grow with a focus
over the slippery slope they call show biz
stoked for the dopeness over the broke shit
hold tight till the whole world take notice
Track Name: Knock Knock
You know i'm accurate, packin it.
a "pen" is "power" activist;
i've been about this practice long enough to get immaculate.
it's somethin 'bout a knack for it. somethin when you master, it's
impassible to craft syntax without the facts in it.

factor it. number every cracker spittin' actor shit
and plastic keys across the seas are tapping even whacker shit
and half these kids don't even know the half of it.
they only see theatrics, and they rap before they even know what passion is.

passin' instant judgement on these bastards like a basilisk.
Aston in your bars but your garage is full of gas and piss
and, as for this ambassador, plastic rappers are catheters
aberrations i'm after; i'm cauterizing their apertures.

i spit it hot enough to melt their plastic lips closed,
cuttin' off the piss poor posers with the shit flows.
admit it not enough brought enough, maybe not enough've got enough
wit, or whatever it is, permittin' sick prose.

the Bic chose me; clicked and it told me-
"homie i'm gettin sick of these pricks tryin' to hold me;
only spittin shit with a vision of gettin rich
it's a pity, without a purpose, the perfect picture is lonely!

hone me. go begin to grow beyond the phony.
sow the seeds of reason where
reason we've seen dethroned;
be more than just an entity sent at me
defend me from enemies,
ascend with the scent of weed, send a meaningful message,
and kick more rhymes than a centipede.

this resin's embedded deep [but]
the center's steady glowing and showing greater knowing
so go-and set it free
learn to give or let it be
earn to live forever through rhetoric-with-a-pedigree."

head of reconnaissance on rap predominance.
common sense, on offense, bombing all them on-the-fence.
calm, intense, and pensive at the same time;
not to mention i've been on this since i came upon a dawn of confidence

competence, the complements of "providence" and labor,
monumental cognizance, the opposite of haters.
i persist in pushing potent product;
hope the profit off it offers opportunities to prosper with my neighbors.
Track Name: LMAR
Do you ever really get rid of a sliver of doubt
that you can do that which you dream about, or figure it out?

i've been adrift so long that i scrap most songs, in a rat race; making a safe route

do i have to rap played out shit,
just to get my name out quick?
or can i be the same old kid, who fame wont kid-
who paints the whole pic hid behind old lids and goes big

coast to coast[ing],
hosting dope gigs no pigs only this mic roasting

grow figs to sixes and dont split
no shit with bitch tricks who gold-dig

so figured out, foes dont trigger doubt
hoes who pose don't grow close i kick 'em out
sick of how every body pivot now n stick around
everybody wanna pick a coattail ticket now


i work too hard, i've come too far
to mind chatter doesn't matter who you are
grew apart from the parties; the crew parted
started new parts and accrued targets

white suit, red carpet in reticle
blue skies, blue dream, new green: medical
cruising with a team or a beauty in a bimmer
if you could see she's diff-er-ent they're usually schemers

cute in her demeanor, couple misdemeanors
trouble bubble booty, double-duty high beamers
funny out in public when she strutting people love it
making Cudi's out of nothing, turning brothers into leaners

fuck the magazines-or the tabloid gossip
fuck the paparazzi, enough to have me nauseous
nothing but a salaried stalker obnoxious
stuff turns dreams into nightmares stop this
Track Name: Mission Control
i never been the type to bitch or moan or pick a fight
if only you knew what my life was like you probably
wouldn't do the stupid shit you like to do
you try and make me fight with you.
violating peace of mind, i try to make it right with you

trying to decipher you i lie awake at night for you.
no i am not waiting up, i know i am not right for you
and so i light the doobie up |and write a few in spite of you
on my way to do me losing sight of you, i hope

cut the rope
quit the moping dont need serotonin bolstering
soloing the challenge to control and balance dopamine.
i know i can handle it without us hand in hand, but it
without a doubt will be a route around the shit i planned for this

and for this, damn i thank my fam and thank my fans for this
transfer this fantasy defeated see the chance for this
answer this: why you leave me when i need you most?!
see your ghost creep in close, need another double dose
all this time i said that it was me, it was you
and i knew but i couldn't think it through, i refused to
you i misused you, knew i was confused knew that
if it came to you or the truth, i would choose you

all this time i said that it was me, it was you
and i knew but i couldn't think it through, i refused to
you i misused you, knew i was confused knew that
if it came to you or the truth, i would choose you

took for granted what was handed to me at first
took the blue, took the red, no one said it'd make it worse
no one ever told me i would see another control me
and when i look at the old me it only hurts


you ever think about nothing? no?
ever had nightmares uncontrolled?
ever let yourself feel cold?
have you even ever had a dream you could call your own?!

(no, no)
don't you see, walls that you put up, they fall around me
peek inbetween 'em seeking freedom, you'll find it finally
why do we dilute each other, why dont we just try to be
fine with other kinds of people, why do we live violently?
desperately be reaching for approval from society?

why do we exist?
i dont know but i know this
imma go and peek around hope i found out what it is;
imma find out what it is
i should make this shit my biz-oh wait i did you know?
i got that natural talent, so ambition honed a vicious flow

shit this goes, listen close, this is my artistic growth
bitches come, bitches go, metamorphosis invoked
wishing you the best because i know this shit is difficult
but all you have to do is be original

[ hook x2 ]
Track Name: Risk
realize risk makes life what it is
feel that rush when he grips that mic that's his
but it changes, new pains new p[l]aces, new frames he arranges
aim for the maintained thrill

empty until; lust start to rush in and fill
maybe the fear, death might near,
maybe it's only a tear she's afraid of
maybe the love;
i don't wanna see you with him yo
he dont wanna see you let him go
she dont be the one who be the one to leave before we know
even when we know it's cold

maybe the pain;
you don't wanna be so sure
you don't wanna be so sure
maybe the pain;
never wanna be so sure
never wanna be so sure


open up and ill be right by you
hope enough of you see like i do
hope enough of you love my flow
hope enough of you love my soul

grow my clause, dont have the math
but you can show me the odds in the aftermath
have faith that the words that i conjure tho
[will] last long after i'm a goner yo

shit's been tough, but im on a roll
dont give a fuck about honor roll
that's a risk that this song explores
fuse affixed will this bomb explode


fuck you bitch if you hate on me
and if you switch you can bank on me
this music is the proof, truth,
that you'll see soon how great ill be

take these bars, take my scars
take me far, you make these stars.
make me big i can make me better;
take my word, i will go hard
Track Name: Sun Dance
she was in the back row, back in her 6th grade class
never would have cheated but she never would have passe
not cuz she was dumb, maybe a little crazy, not too lazy not true ADHD.
young rebel with a hate that she blamed on the shit we wade through daily.

come level with the fate that she may see pain each day and she may seem crazy
but she wont phase out pride,
no regard for the ways outside of her mind-state
waves interfere
days into weeks into months into tears and assumptions

fears of consumption, beers on a weekday
gears lock place unengaged on a replay
sound-waves clear her from a haze-
and she savors to
hear some days new ear-drum flavors

peers some days through a mirror at a weird neighbor
labor, just to keep on truckin.
keep on sucking up, keep on duckin.
keep on long enough keep on puffin

fronting like nothing, nothin' like bluffing
she had somethin it was somethin like nothin id seen-
what i mean it, i was hypnotized
wise and pristine it was in those eyes:

skylights wide to the inside
to the pool so bright it emits light even despite
the pollution: quite resolution
slightly diluted over a fight for solutions

love to dance but she hates clubs
any chance she refrains from her make up
she gets high off beauty but she has a high tolerance
always be to blame for the break up

had the same ambition get the cake up-
-wishing we could wake up everybody, make up time.
same damn vision but the aim was diff-er-ent
makes me miss it when i play back time

makes me wish that i could change my mind, but i can't
i wont, i wont play blind and i wont pay time to a cause
at odds with mine.
never gonna compromise


can't switch sides, knowing this sides right.
been back there where shes at when i lacked foresight
fast-forward grasp more tact more facts, forthright when i ask for a fight

formidable but my insight's stronger
morbid it might seem for a bit longer
she was trying to see each face be fed
dream to proceed each place she tread

free 3rd-world countries from the pain,
rain aid from a plane to the plains where the aids reign
aim to attain health care welfare for the whole wide world in vain

"girl you're insane!"
then she said i'm heartless
said i'm just a cynic who she wants no part with
so i packed my crap and i left
tears in my eyes and a gap in my chest
Track Name: Tall
as a rapper i'm supposed to be an actor
talk about the cash it's the only thing im after
talk about the fact that a bitch don't matter
how i get zones fatter and i get stoned faster

half of those who listen [are] only wishing to escape
on a mission to envision being rich and getting fame
for a minute, they imagine them in it having a blast
monotony in the past, and at last satisfaction in grasp-

and i should be so competent, need no compliments, be so confident
that i can feed those egos needs and relieve those griefs
but it's just not me

you see i care about a so called "bitch."
i do despair as i prepare to carry on alone.
i'm scared of fame, cuz it snowballs quick;
and i'll be wary and beware even the airiest of thrones

don't you pair me with the clones, i'm a Jedi
said i get high, fly, never fret, i
vibe with the universe, transcribe it to the verse
anti dark-side even with the red-eyes

this is richmond
this is DC
MD VA be the key 3
can we please say rap needs me.
blowing up enough until you're showing up to see me?

open up for weezy, open up for yeezy,
hoping ill perform wit logic n g-eazy
tokin gup a storm and open another door^
enforce support for^
some poor trees that need me

spit Tang like Wu, got a Method to my madness
repping RVA, and i'm gettin shit established
kill it out of habit, feeling like a savage
insane inside, outside average

i hardly know me anymore or so it seems.
except i need more Percs and i need morphine
need more shirts and i need more jeans
and i need more work and to feed more fiends

never gonna make it with some fake shit, break this
case of inhibition til i taste: it greatness
seen a couple crumble they were buzzing like a bumble
but the hype is only hype they kept it basic face it

all about the patience, all in how you pace it
all it takes is politics and tolerating hatred..
and hey kids when the times get tough when your
mind gets stuck and your rhymes just suck just puff, puff, pass

find a tiny piece of peace of mind inside the grass or the wine glass
try and bump these lines to unwind fast
and to find gaps of the grime in the time lapse

bitch im on it like a bonnet on a whip in Britain
a bit elite, a little snobby [is] probably where i fit in
i shit upon dishonor, this witty spit is like a mitten
how it fit him, aint no way you can acquit "your honor"

im on a rampage comment on my fan page-
man i can't wait till i meet each one
marijuana back stage with the pack raging
frients can't wait till i see these funds


this is me tell me who the hell with me
who the hell believes in LD-50
who can tell me just how to dispel doubts
that i excel beyond cells n sellouts

---------------------------hook x2
Track Name: Tang
oh you thought you could have my flow
bite my style, grab my clothes
fight my fire with a fire-of-your own
psych, hold tight time to grab my hose

suck my dick you dont like my shit-
still think quick under influence
still big pics of the Moon where the Man came through
but it's true he aint been here since--

imma kill shit till i get to work with them
work with Cudi get to work with Em
worthless study for the class that im in
soon to be the past, this is the last that im in

blast from the gas-mask, ashe in the tin.
bask in the cloud breath out breathe in
fasten ya seatbelt, gas when the heats felt
catch my ass, I'll pass you again

suicide sprints in a do or die mind-state
crew and i grind straight through and i win

(i'm the)

dope dealer, low profilla
with the whole flotilla finna grow mo' scrilla
flow so illa, no mo [Va]nilla-
don't need no ice, im a stone cold killa on the track,

sit back and witness this murder
systematic in eradicating the vermin-servin smelling-salt spit,
slept on like Serta: sure to be heard of
verse like sermons

new day same shit, make another hit
break another emcee make another quit-
stay faded, never get jaded
never disrespect the game i upgrade it

made it from a dream to the truth
keen with the flow and im mean in the booth
looks that kill, fuck a hook that's trill
and i beam at the shows, come see 'em for the proof


pop pills for the pain drop skills for the game
fuck t-mills, faggot should be ashamed
r/hiphopheads where you at homeboy? you deserve that fame-

burst in the game reversing the game
first subversive thirst in the game
certain the mainstream herds done heard
the pursuit of the purse or the personal gain

nursing the fame im searching the same road
i aim adverse in the lane tho
do your worst and collide head first
earn a hearse your hurts verse mine can't hang

-spit tang like wu, got a method to my madness
reppin RVA, and im getting shit established
kill it out of habit, feeling like a savage
insane inside, outside average

active soul lemme pack this bowl-
toast EQ, isaiah and ben hove
hope these dudes are ready for '13
bring hip hop home to the richmond throne
Track Name: The Departed
i dont wanna die; i dont wanna live
same 9 same 5 guys already did
im a visionary bitch,
meet me when im rich
teach these clowns how to be selfless

bout time we arrive
gentlemen steez on the rise
G's on east and the west see reason and peace
the unease the unrest subsides

bound to have found flow that sounds so dope
in the underground hunting grounds;
come up comes around when i down-scope-
i dont mean to brag i dont even have swag but the
swank's fine, thanks mine wasn't from a bag.
wasn't-tagged; wasn't-wrapped.
wasn't labeled organic or other crap-
spin-the track back picture their reaction.
picture how you act when find something genuine
when you mind-dine on some actual passion.

not a snack but an actual ration
not a fad, not a trend, not a fashion
not an act but a natural
fascin-ation with a craft,
infatu-ation, with the fabric of its
charm, grandeur, magic of it's
so much more when it's your creation

hook x2

gunning for the prize, running for my life
running from your lies and the lines: imma live outside them
im gonna find something real outside them or fall in the fight;
with a zeal: im grinding

feel like climbing flying shining..
and if i die, i'm dying trying
simple-minded fools sit by and watch with a sigh
while time slip by him-

i dont give a fuck but it do seem funny
dudes be running they pursue they money
truth be told the cash is cold;
the grass is gold next-door you dummies.

when you where the hearse is, bucks turn worthless
shucks if the deluxe tux weren't worth it.
sucks to achieve that stuff too late,
when you see whats what and the crux was purpose
Track Name: TwoTrainz
young white man staring at the mic stand
carry what i can for the new rap nation
tear into it wearing through it heat it like thermite or
eat it like termites: screw the foundation

feel the vibrations; whole place shaking
old make way, let the new wave break in
tape 2 drop is due to shock who cop it like
may of '98 and the game's playstation (
fighting CP's like Gordon [fight and see peace]
Free Me with the mic, might soar like jordan
hop and hit the boards nonstop desktop chop shop
test ops range electronic to pop rock

im a top crop growing in, hydroponics flowing in
spit that ultrasonic like the chronic that im blowing
and goin in, knowin in a minute they'll be fouling
growlin' scowlin', til they throw the towel in

fast lane drifter, mental weight lifter
plates tectonic im a rap game shifter
earthquake epicenter your face if you're fake-
if your mask is plastic ill smash it for your sake

birthday the 16th and MA the birthplace
[mass]ive the verses, it had to be pure fate
[choosits]o you git to witness the truth kids
use it or lose it, this business is ruthless

the dank, the mary, my sanctuary carry me very wary
i parry adversaries who wanna bury me
posing as homies, only they hopin the boss trips
only chip-in for a ferry to float me across Styx

the caustic spit shits on them pawns upon six.
bomb ticks on, hitting them spawning conflicts
nonfiction writtens i picture them getting bitten;
and switching position bars in my vision like prison convicts

Track Name: When Life Gives Lemons
spit sick like mono still need Brawndo in the condo tho
(you) got no time for women when you envision this kind of dough
got control that's not remote; i think i got uncommon flow
shrink is not a dr. like dre i opt for the chronic smoke

coping introspectively by opening the chest of me
meditate and mary-jane necessitates the recipe
mercking putting work in had my doubts but now its certain
bout a thousand way to murder shit without a stage it's curtains bitch

the sound of silence aint just for Simon my Art can earn it
i mine and burn it cook bars in my verses like fucking furnaces
surface to air--waves. working shit their way.
hip hop will hit turbulence the day i get airplay

turbo whip im ridin in, hello then goodbye again
metaphor for life i might rev it and let the tire spin--
smoke is in rotation: marco polo, no yolo, go slow and steady
hold headies that have my lids on the low low

i hit that
heavy duty tootie fruity after acapulco gold
rapping with sativa's one reason i breathe both hot and cold
grinding while i'm grinding i be cutting while im cutting
i be wrapping while im rapping double tasking like it's nothing

roll it up, burn it down NO. i cant turn it down yo
my concern is with the earnings i can turn around so
while the soundcloud grow, while the crowd round choke
imma go flip that dope on the down-low

hold my city down tho, "push it to the limit" talking
scarface money imma get it in a minute-
underground but the people in my town fuck wit it
for the sick sound plus i aint a clown fuck gimmicks

shit i spit is from the heart, shit i did it from the start
make a living killing mimics i committed to the art
never fit in but fuck it i'm waging[wage-ing] war 'n' im[warren i'm] buffet
im making change in the game and im makin more outta nothin so listen

im on the top of shit no matter what the topic is
soon as you cop this shit you stop and think a bit about how hot this is
how ill convince, the populace,
my shit is poppin once it drop there aint no stoppin this

im talking confident through all the fucking time i gave
all the sleep i lost and all the sacrifices i have made
i have paid, ive been in pain and ive waited patiently
and i refuse to lose what ive gained if i state it basically

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